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Stop Warren County Missouri Corruption

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Prosecutors in Missouri have too much power.  For example, if a request for prosecution is filed by a victim or supposed victim , then the person responsible for filing the request changes his or her mind, the prosecutor can move forward with the prosecution regardless of the wishes of the person who filed the request for prosecution. This is a situation that often arises soon after the initial request is filled out!! This is my story.  I, Dawn Carter filed a request for prosecution On August 22nd 2014.   I was drinking and having dinner with my now husband David A. Ford.  We had an arguement and I made false and misleading allegations to the police.  I was drunk when I did this.  Soon after,  an assault 3rd degree charge was filed against David A. Ford.  He hired an attorney, charges were then dropped wasting Mr. Ford's money.  Another charge of assault 2nd degree was then raised.  Mr. Ford had to hire another attorney again, was then arrested and had to post bond for this new charge.  I was still involved with Mr. Ford, even though I had a restraining order against him.  Mr. Ford was then charged with violating the restraining order on 2 different occasions.  I pursued a relationship with Mr. Ford, yet didn't disclose that for fear of being prosecuted.  I hired an attorney to file an affidavit of non prosecution and immediately dropped the restraining order.  After I dropped the restraining order, the prosecutor offered a plea bargain to Mr. Ford offering the maximum penalty on all 3 charges.  This makes a total of 4 charges now filed against Mr. Ford, all the while I, the alledged victim, requested charges to be dropped.  2 more of the charges were dropped and another charge of Felony Tampering with a Victim was filed.  Mr. Ford had to once again hire another attorney, Travis Noble.  Mr. Ford was arrested again, had to post bond again.  so far, 5 charges have been brought against Mr. Ford, 3 of which were misdemeaners, which were dropped, and 2 felony charges were continued.  It has taken over 2 1/2 years and $20,000 in legal fees, and  $2000 in bond fees.  I have never appeared in court, yet this case made it all the way to trial on January 25, 2017, completely against my wishes.  Mr. Ford's right to due process was violated all the while.  I finally appeared as a witness for the defendant and my amended statements were not admitted into court.  My testimony was limited and when I did testify I admitted to lying and making false police reports regarding my initial complaints.  My testimony was dismissed by the jury and Mr. Ford was convicted on 2 felony counts.  A new law requiring a 2 week cooling off period needs to be put in place for all domestic assault situations.  Prosecutors should not have the right to continue prosecutions against the alledged victims requests.  Many innocent people are prosecuted and convicted when they are truely innocent.  I walked away scott free even though I testified that I lied and falsified police reports and my husband was convicted and is facing prison time when he is truely innocent.  We could call the new law "Dawn's Law", Legislation to protect the innocent from unjust prosecution.

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