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We shouldn’t have to pay for negligent care that almost cost our son his life

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A parent knows when something is wrong with their child. Despite our pleas, it took our 8 month-old son EJ a month to get the medical care he needed. It almost cost EJ his life. Now, we’re stuck with expensive medical bills and the loss of much of my paid time off. Healthcare Partners, who was our provider, needs to be held accountable for their negligence.

When we took EJ to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center after a fever wouldn’t break, we were told it was probably just a virus. We followed-up with our healthcare provider, Healthcare Partners and were provided the same information, despite this being the 5th day of his fever. We have another child and had been through a viral infection -- this seemed different. Call it a parent’s intuition, but we thought they were wrong and asked if they could run some tests to confirm it was a virus. They said no and sent us on our way.

We would be in and out of the hospital 6 times over the next month. Doctors and nurses kept insisting it was a virus. When I explained how EJ wasn’t acting like himself, that something was off, they just dismissed me. Finally, an entire month later, I brought EJ to the emergency room. It didn’t take long for the doctor to figure out something was wrong.

The ER doctor listened to his chest and lungs and immediately ordered an x-ray which revealed he had a coin lodged in his esophagus. It had been there so long he had 2 ulcers in his throat and his air supply was compromised. Had the coin moved while he was sleeping, he could have suffocated.

The coin was discovered after a simple triage by the ER doctor. This should have been done weeks earlier. Instead, I was ignored, our son suffered, and they want us to pay for it in medical bills and lost paid time off. EJ is now okay after going through a risky procedure and treatment, and we are so thankful, but it took too long and cost too much.

Please sign our petition to call on Healthcare Partners and demand that they pay for their negligence. They need to pay for our medical bill and reimburse me for the loss of paid time off. We are our children’s advocate when they cannot speak, and they should have listened to us when we knew our child was in trouble. 

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