Disaster Relief Pay for Dialysis Workers

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Dialysis is a required life saving treatment for people with kidney disease. Without it, our patients we see 3 times a week will die. We are all required to go to work everyday, and will continue to do so to give our patients the treatment they need to survive. The company I work for has a Disaster Relief Policy that states (paraphrased)  in policy 4:12-

“A declared emergency or natural disaster shall be proclaimed by either the President of the United States,a state governor, or other elected official.” “This policy supersedes and replaces any past practice or policy relating to pay practices work schedules and facility coverage in the event of a declared emergency or natural disaster.” “ If a designated facility or business office is open during the emergency timeframe teammates who report to their location and work their scheduled hours will be paid premium pay for all hours worked. Unless state law requires otherwise, premium pay will be 1 1/2 times the teammates base rate of pay.”

Premium pay or added PTO to our banks for each day we worked would really help those of us who are struggling financially due to Covid restrictions or God forbid, become sick. 

“Regardless, if it's healthcare its always a risk but when a company policy specifically states "when a national emergency has been declared by the president, then this policy supercedes all previous pay practices" and hazard pay will be given. Then they need to follow that policy. Not that we hate our jobs. But why wouldn't you be upset by a company that is all about CORE VALUES & “All For One!” when they can't even follow their own policies or VALUE their employees? Why put this in a teammate handbook if you aren’t going to follow through?