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Davis Hall Administrators: Let Chuchu Come Back!

Chuchu is my friendly, sleepy, 40 lb shelter rescue mutt. For over a year I regularly brought him to work in Davis Hall without incident. Recently, I was told by SUNY administrators that he was no longer welcome, citing vague health and safety concerns.

17% of US employers permit dogs at work, including tech giants and top universities, and studies show that having dogs present makes employees happier and more productive while encouraging teamwork. Clearly dog-friendly policies can be created, and they can work.

While I respect that there are those of us who are afraid or allergic to dogs, living together in a community is about balancing our personal fears and desires against the happiness of others. Chuchu's exposure to those outside my lab is very limited, but his ability to spread love and happiness is nearly unlimited.

If you like dogs, please sign this petition and endore a dog-friendly Davis Hall. And even if you don't like dogs, maybe you're willing to invest a bit of tolerance to produce a lot of happiness. If so, please also sign this petition.

I appreciate your support, and so does Chuchu. Licks for everyone!

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Davis Hall Administrators
Let Chuchu Come Back to Davis Hall