Petition Update

Steve McNair case update

Vincent Hill
Atlanta, GA

Dec 1, 2013 — The case of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi was featured on True Crime with Aphrodite Jones on ID Discovery last week. Vincent Hill, former Nashville Police office, author of Playbook to a Murder and private investigator, appeared on the show discussing the many holes in the case. Seasoned True Crime host and author Aphrodite Jones agreed the case should be re-opened and that it was closed too quickly. As the effort continues to reopen the case, there is a 10,000 copies sold of Playbook to a Murder campaign in effect. Proceeds will be used to subpoena crucial records Nashville Police still refuse to release, yet stand firm they were right in their conclusion. Playbook to a Murder, which contradicts Nashville Police's investigation is available on in paperback and Kindle. If you want an eye opening look into the case, read Playbook to a Murder while assisting in bringing the truth to the families at the same time.