UARTS Students Call For a Partial Tuition Refund

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Due to COVID-19, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, like many other schools across the nation, has had to close its doors to students for the remainder of the semester; however, as an art school, our education heavily relies upon studio courses, which consist of access to facilities, spaces, and equipment, which are understandably no longer available to us. 


"Despite the uncontrollable circumstances, the university has a duty to provide for its students. In us paying tuition, we have entered into a contract with the institution, a contract that says we are paying you to give us the tools and education we need to be successful artists. We have entered this contract with the understanding that we will be getting the education we are paying for, and we are paying quite a lot.” Kat Wheary, Class of 2020


Our requests are as follows: 


We request a partial tuition refund. ALL students should receive a refund for the cost of half a semester. As a University, you’ve promised us resources to create, adequate spaces to create, collaboration, and proper showcases to share our art. Due to the necessary precautions taken, none are available to us. We acknowledge that these precautions are necessary; however, that does not relinquish the university’s responsibility to reimburse its students. 
All on-campus students, not only current Seniors, should be refunded half a semester of room & board, including the unused meal plan. The refund should be given now, and students should be allowed the choice of whether or not they return to on-campus living next semester. 
We, the student body, request to be acknowledged as human beings in the conversation with the President and Provost moving forward. We are not just statistics, we are real people struggling financially and emotionally while The University of the Arts holds on to money for services not rendered. 


If The University of the Arts fails to recognize these requests, we demand the university publicly informs where every dollar of this semesters tuition has been spent. 


-Skylar Watkins (Class of 2021) & Leah Prather (Class of 2020)