Mandate more inspections and continued education for Home Builders in Utah

Mandate more inspections and continued education for Home Builders in Utah

January 11, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rani Li

In the last few years the licensing and requirements to become a general contractor in Utah have been loosened to the extent that General contractors are not receiving adequate education and experience to build safe house. 

In 2017, Representative Mike Schultz  sponsored H.B. 313 which modified the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act. In doing so, each applicant for specialty subcontractor licensing only had to complete the 25-hour course and exam requirement.

In 2019, Rep. Mike Schultz sponsored H.B. 187, which modified professional licensing amendments. The bill, which the Utah Legislature passed unanimously and became law July 1, 2019 eliminated the trade exam for general contractors. 

Since the trade exam was dropped, 818 people have taken the general contractor’s business and law exam (from July 1 – Nov. 6, 2019). Compare that to all 12 months of 2018, where 743 people took the required exam, according to DOPL.

Since the laws and requirements have been loosened, the problems that are directly related to general contractors and those who they employ having a lack of education and experience have increased each year, especially after H.B. 187 was passed. 

Purchasing a home is the most expensive purchase that a person will make. The homes that are being built in Utah by those who are unqualified are dangerous to live in. 

Utah also requires very little home inspections during the process of building a new home. Other states have third party inspections throughout the entire build process. 

We would like the Utah legislature to make homes safe in Utah by mandating continued education for all of those who work for general contractors. We would also ask that 3rd party inspections are mandated throughout the entire process of building a home. 

Representatives like Mike Schultz who has received a significant amounts of campaign donations from construction companies are not looking out for home owners. We need to come together as home owners to keep our families and friends safe. 

For more detailed information, please watch the video below.


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Signatures: 93Next Goal: 100
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