Save the Cherry Blossom Tree on Cliffe Farm Drive, Greystones in Sheffield

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Amey/Streetsahead say they have now reviewed the tree and they will still be removing as it will in the longer term pose a danger due to damage of the pavement and wall boundary.

We want an independent review to consider alternatives to felling. We are asking for the same as  those supporting Rustlings Road which is for a two month stall on any further tree felling in Sheffield. 

1. The reason given for removing is damage to surrounding path and boundary wall - this is not clearly evident. We are confused as to why the road was re covered and path and now the decision is taken to remove the tree. 

2. Whilst replacement is mentioned it will not be with a Blossom tree - but a much smaller Golden Birch - and this may not be in the same location. The blossom tree marks the seasons for our children, it has been part of their childhood. Why do this after the work on the paths and roads? 

3. The tree is part of the heritage of the road - in spring the road looks lovely with the blossom. It is also not being replaced with a flowering tree which can help sustain the bees. 

4.  The lack of consultation is concerning - and city wide - this should absolutely be reviewed. 

5. It is important that Sheffield - the so called "green city" retains its trees where possible.

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