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NEED Railroad SAFETY; Automated Gates for and at ALL Railroad Crossings

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In order for Federal and State Laws to coincide we need to petition our state(s), and city council (to use Federal R.R. monies adequately and update our railroad systems) and petition ALL public and non-public roads should have ALL three (3) requirements; Automated Cross Bucks, Automated Flashing Red Lights AND Reflective Stop Signs to notify motorist in a TIMELY manner that a train track is up ahead.

Do you know the Hidden Dangers of UN-Guarded Railroad Crossings (no cross bucks or flashing warning red lights)?

Did you know a study in 2006 shows over 97,000 un-guarded railroads across the U.S.?

.....How will you or your loved one know a train is approaching? Because of all of the No's below Fresno County lost four (4) precious young lives! Our babies. This could be your baby, your loved one or even you!

If No:

  • advance motorist warnings (reflective yellow signs-none)
  • no reflective lights
  • no reflective paint is not in plain sight to a driver (especially on an unfamiliar road)
  • no flashing warning red lights
  • no automated cross bucks

Would you like to protect your children, your spouse, your loved one or even yourself?

If yes, I need your help. Please sign, support, and share this petition. 


Brief Synopsis of the Fresno Community Loss:

My Family (me & my sister), and two (2) other Family Friends lost either their ONLY child, their ONLY son or daughter, and in total the community lost four (4) young adult lives. Not to wreckless or distracted driving! But, because of the lack & negligence of motorist warning signals, no county or city lights, no automated gates, and no reflective lights or paint!!!


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