Stop proposed TPG mini mobile tower in Dundas Street, Coogee - Community Sensitive Area

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We STRONGLY oppose the proposal for a TPG mobile phone base station at 14 Dundas Street in a densely populated residential location - next to homes of children and the elderly. This is a Community Sensitive Residential Area. 

An unwelcome permanent neighbour is due to invade Dundas Street in Coogee. Residents are grappling with the idea of living next to a mini mobile tower, exposing them and their loved ones to constant Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)  as they eat, sleep and try to enjoy the quiet contentment of being home, which is a basic human right.

 Although the Telcos publicise the current research stating no link between EMR and human harm, concerns still remain about the long term health risks of EMR. Scientific and Medical agencies, including the World Health Organisation, advise that ongoing research is needed, and the actual long term effects remain unknown. The results will take 15 years or more, but unfortunately it will be too late for our children by then. What is known about EMR is that there is a higher risk of harm with constant exposure, which the pole next door to your house will be directing at you. Children are more at risk due to their developing nervous systems and tissues. The effect on pre-existing chronic diseases in the young is unknown.

 The residents of Dundas Street include many young children, some with chronic diseases, and many vulnerable elderly people. The proposed tower is metres from children's bedrooms.

 This nightmare will soon become a reality for many residential streets in NSW. State legislation allows major Telcos, such as TPG, free rein to install these ‘junkyards on a pole’ without any planning permission. The 28 day public consultation process which is supposed to precede the installation work is often kept hazy and poorly publicised by the Telco, so they can slyly erect the installation and swiftly move onto the next one, before residents know what has happened.  What makes this process even more farcical is that the outcome of the public consultation submission is decided by the Telco, which is a major conflict of interest. They are hardly going to say ‘no’ to themselves!

 The public are kept in the dark about how their street was chosen and whether alternative industrial or commercial sites were considered. This is self-regulation at its worst!

In the case of Dundas Street, TPG gave no indication of due diligence in their choice of the site, a purely residential street. The Industry Code C564:2011 (Mobile Phone base Station Deployment) states the Carrier (TPG) 'must have regard avoiding community sensitive residential areas'.  A simple desktop search in a City office and the Google pin marks the spot! TPG provided no visibility of what was done to look for other less residential sites, in the area. To cap it all, they even flagrantly breached the Industry Code and started work on the installation, attaching cabling and a box to the light pole on Dundas Street, on the 6/9/18 (see photo), a staggering 18 days before the public/council submission deadline of 25/9/18. The Code clearly states no work can be undertaken before the deadline! This proves their blatant disregard for industry codes and ‘it’s going to happen no matter what’! Fostering public trust and protecting the vulnerable is at the bottom of their agenda!

Home should be our safe place. This is about to change with the cavalier, ‘bull in a china shop’ attitude of global Telcos, such as TPG, who appear to pay lip service to the public consultation process, but in reality already know they will take no action in the public interest. A case of ‘speak to the hand because the face isn’t listening’!

It’s up to us to campaign for our vulnerable children and the elderly, who have no voice. Please help us stop this mobile phone installation and relocate to a less sensitive site.

This could be your street, next. This could be your house with the installation metres from your child’s bedroom or backyard. Help send a clear message to TPG and other Telcos that residents will not be bullied into having the quiet enjoyment of their homes destroyed and live in fear of the potential harmful effects of EMR.

If we cannot stop installations in residential streets, like Dundas Street and force Telcos to work harder at finding less sensitive sites or co-locating with pre-existing infrastructure, this could affect your home next.

Don't sit still, mobilise (pun intended) yourself and be vocal in your support for Dundas Street. As a collective we can send a clear message to the Telcos, local Council and Politicians, forcing a change to the current woeful legislation and processes.

Time is of the essence. Help raise awareness of this issue.

Campaign to ensure Telcos must act responsibly, work within the current Industry code and maintain a 'precautionary approach' during site selection of Mobile Phone Base Stations.

Financial gain and a voracious appetite for mobile connectivity should not be at the expense of the public health of future generations!

Let's hope for a positive response and outcome from TPG, showing that they do value public trust and safety.


1. Sign and share this petition with family and friends.

2. Make a formal written complaint about TPG 's non- compliance with the industry code to honour the public/council submission period. Consultation period closes 25 Sep 2018. Quote RFNSA 2034022 and email -

3. Write to Randwick Mayor, Councillors and local MPs.


Jenny Khan, Coogee resident