Stop Proposed TPG Mobile Base Station: Corner High St and McClelland St, Willoughby

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We object to TPGs  proposal to install a cell telecommunications installation on the corner of High Street and McClelland Street,  Willoughby, in close proximity to homes and schools

The wireless base station will emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) 24 hour a day, 7 days a week,  the effects of which can be measured 500m away. 

As stated by the World Health Organisation on EMR "there are gaps in knowledge still needing to be filled before health risk assessments can be made"

Potential risks are higher for children given the accumulated effects of radiation will be greater as the exposure is from such an early age.

This site is unsuitable and irresponsible as it is:

5 m from the closest residence

50 m from Café, shops and restaurants

60 m from St Thomas's Primary School playground

150 m from St Thomas's Church and local shopping area

NSW Department of Education and Communities recommends any telecommunications infrastructure to be built a distance of 500m from the boundary of a school property.

Please sign and share this petition with the community before 20/9/18 to stop TPG installing EMR emitting base stations in our community.

You can also voice your concerns to Blake Hender