Stop proposed TPG Mobile Base Station: Community Sensitive Area (Wattletree Rd, E.Malvern)

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We STRONGLY object to the proposal for a TPG mobile phone base station at 418 Wattletree Rd, Malvern East in controversial location - close to homes and school in a Community Sensitive Residential Area.

What Are These Antennas Doing To Our Residents, including young children? It isn't worth the risk! People should not be subjected to ever increasing and incremental Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). As stated by the World Health Organisation on Electro Magnetic Radiation - "there are gaps in knowledge still needing to be filled before better health risk assessments can be made". 

1. Why was this site chosen in a community sensitive area and too close to Caulfield Grammar's Childhood Early Learning Centre and Primary School? The proposed base station is within 400 meters from classrooms in Caulfield Grammar School. In a similar case in NSW, the NSW Department of Education and Communities stated “a preference” for any telecommunications infrastructure to be built at a distance of at least 500 metres from the boundary of a school property. This is a precautionary approach to ensure that Electro Magnetic Radiation exposure to children is minimised.

2. Did you know that TPG only notified 17 households of their plan to install this Mobile Phone Base Station in what we as residents consider a controversial location. Why did TPG fail to notify Caulfield Grammar School and all interested and affected local residents of their proposed plan? By comparison to other Australian Telco's, TPG's consultation plan is conveniently inadequate.

3. We residents believe that TPG, a foreign owned private company, is not in compliance with Australian Industry Code Standards (C564, Clause 4.1.5.c & d) as it relates to the selection of new sites. Australian Industry Codes require community sensitive areas to be avoided. 

4. TPG are not respecting the heritage nature of our streetscape which has Hedgley Dene overlay on one side of Wattletree Road and Heritage overlay on the opposite side. Both sides of the street will be suffer from visual amenity perspective. The Australian Industry Code Standards (C564, Clause 4.1.5.g) require consideration to heritage significance.

5. What are the alternate sites considered for the base station?
6. Many residents agree that there is not a problem with mobile coverage in this area and 4G mobile broadband data upload and download speeds are excellent. Do we really need to have another mobile phone base station which adds incremental Electro Magnetic Radiation exposure to our children? This is not a precautionary approach and does not minimise Electro Magnetic Radiation to our children and wider community. 

7. There are currently no concrete studies that prove EMR to be harmless to children in the long term. Long term studies on the health effects of EMR on children from mobile phone base stations do not exist. The technology for these sites is relatively new and evolving rapidly and the research is insufficient or non-existent. We know that the science community is very much divided and there are a lot of unanswered questions about the long-term health effects.  Thalidomide and asbestos are excellent examples of products once thought to be safe and later found to cause health disasters.

Perhaps the time to stop the increase in Electro Magnetic Radiation close to our children is NOW! Right now, not tomorrow or the day after. NOW.

Let's hope for a positive response and outcome from TPG.


1. Sign and share this petition with family and friends.

2. Make a formal written complaint to TPG as per Section 11 of Australian Industry Code C564 (link below). Consultation period closes 10th August 2018.


Megan Tarrant