Structural Mitigating Circumstances for SPS Finalists due to UCU Strike Action

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As a result of the UCU strike action, SPS Finalists have been disproportionately affected due to the nature of our courses. The consolidation of information needed to construct cohesive, intelligent and academic arguments has been ultimately disrupted as a result of nearly a month of missed contact hours (lectures, seminars, office hours and additional email support) amongst most modules and dissertations. An Individual Mitigating Circumstances would not suffice as it is an entire body of students that have been impacted. A Structural Mitigating Circumstance (SMC) application would be on behalf of everyone affected and can only be applied for by the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences (David Galbreath - who will be updated on the status of this petition).

An SMC is normally reserved for drastic interruptions to a student's studies and this petition would like to call for an SMC due to the severity of the impact of the strikes. Should this be awarded, we would see a fair reflection of the strike impact on our assessment results.

If you are a final year SPS student that feels as though you have been highly impacted by the strikes, please sign this petition and share amongst your peers.