Stop racism at SawYouAtSinai​.​com: Restore black Jew's account - Resign David Strauss!

Stop racism at SawYouAtSinai​.​com: Restore black Jew's account - Resign David Strauss!

August 22, 2020
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Started by John Stokes

We, the undersigned petitioners deplore both the appearance and practice of racism within the Jewish community in general and the actions of Mr David Strauss who wrongfully terminated the membership of a black Jewish individual.

Based upon the following representation, we respectfully request the immediate reinstatement of this member by along with an apology by the Executive and the resignation of Mr David Strauss based upon the following representation:

The Jewish experience of anti-Semitism is widely known. Jewish communities all over the world have experienced all kinds of hatred and genocide, including the Holocaust. With the Jewish having experienced such racism, it may be shocking to many people just how pernicious racism can be within the Jewish community. The Jewish experience of racism at the hands of other Jews was poignantly reflected in a recent incident involving a New York City-based Jewish dating site called that operates a variety of affiliated dating websites that include

The dynamic of racism within the Jewish community has operationally been white central and eastern European 'Ashkenazi' Jewish people, who engage in oppressive racist conduct against Sephardic Jewish people, who largely originate from northern Africa and the Middle East—black Jews and other visible minorities who are Jewish but don't have white skin. is a Jewish matchmaking site under the apparent management of Ashkenazi Jews. Almost all of the matchmakers on this site are Ashkenazi Jews, with the apparent overwhelming majority of the clientele on this site also being Ashkenazi Jews. Its CEO and co-founder is Marc Goldmann.

The elites of the Ashkenazis are self-described “Zionists” who follow a racist ideology that is against "race mixing" by Ashkenazi Jews with "non-white Jewish races" and non-Jews, sometimes simply referred to as "gentiles."

It is this racist ideology that appeared to motivate the decision to put a black Jewish male’s account on "hold" after he dared to join the white Jewish site.

You see, David Strauss, who works at their New York City office, didn't seem to like the fact that matchmakers on the site had assisted a black Sephardic Jew in meeting white Ashkenazi ladies on the site.

So, out of apparent racism, Mr. Strauss flagged this black Jewish male's account by putting it on hold.

When the black Jewish complainant called, Mr. Strauss expressed no interest in having any rabbis vouch for the black Jewish complainant or verifying any other evidence in support of his membership on the site.

One of the comments that further illustrated Mr. Strauss's racism was his justification for then closing the black Jewish complainant's account.

Mr. Strauss told the complainant that the photo on the account was of a black man and the person on the phone "sounded white." Therefore, in the rationalization of Mr. Strauss, the person on the phone could not be the person in the photo. Mr. Strauss then summarily suspended the man’s account on the pretext of "fraud" being perpetrated by a "white person" on the phone, even though the complainant offered to show video on YouTube of himself being interviewed on live TV by two separate and well-established broadcasters.

Within minutes of this phone conversation, Mr. Strauss suspended the black Jewish complainant's membership.

Having been suspended on a racist pretext, the black Jewish complainant left messages on their office phone and through email, and there has yet to be a reply from their office.

It is apparent that management there simply didn't want a "Negro" on the site. They were not interested in the overwhelming evidence to support the legitimacy of a "Negro" having an account on their site.

Mr. Strauss had indicated that their site was "private" and that they could act to kick anyone out who "they didn't like," and it seems they didn't like "his kind."

A Sephardic lawyer who is a colleague of mine said that she was called a "nigger" multiple times in Israel. Indeed, that is how many elite Ashkenazis seem to view visible minority Jews.

Mr. Strauss saw my colleague's black face on the site and simply wanted him off, and used a racist pretext after his account was "put on hold" after matchmakers arranged for multiple matches for a "Negro."

It is notable that almost all the matchmakers on this site are Ashkenazi. Most Ashkenazi are respectful members of our Jewish community, but apparently not Mr. Strauss and management over there like Marc Goldmann and co-founder Azi Cutter, who has apparently ignored a call for an investigation.

I point to an article titled Black Jews Are Being Chased Out Of the Jewish Community By Racism. Here Are Their Stories. This article provides substantive insight on the plight of black and other visible minority Jewish people in the dating world and elsewhere who are being hypocritically subjected to racism by the same group of Jews in elite places who like to scrutinize society for incidents of anti-Semitism.

Black Jewish people in New York City have complained to me how rabbis, along with whole synagogues, have blocked them from attending services.

David Strauss and the other Ashkenazi Jews managing violate the spirit of Judaism in their racist practices of seeking to block "Jewish race mixing" on their site.

The evil minds who preside over the racist practices on are no more grown-up than the minds that dominate Nazi-sympathizing "white nationalists" and KKK-affiliated groups in the United States.

My Jewish teacher in high school said that as Jewish people who survived the Holocaust we must not let the mistakes of history repeat themselves which led to the tragedy of the Holocaust.

As Jewish people we must oppose racist in all its forms as we seek to challenge anti-Semitism.

David Strauss and the Azekenazi clique who is responsible for the practice of systemic racism on shows the kind of racism that is being practiced within the Jewish community that must be challenged by civilized Jewish people and other members of societies who seek to champion racial and social justice for all.

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