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Penalize player flopping with fines and suspensions

The National Basketball Association has done a tremendous job of growing basketball into one of the world's most popular sports. 

Unfortunately an ugly side of the game has emerged in the form of player "flopping": exaggerating or in some cases even completely manufacturing contact for the benefit of a foul call.  David Stern and the NBA have watched this go on for far too long.  As the game is currently officiated, those who play fairly are the ones being penalized.  There's no incentive not to flop, and that has to change.

The fault isn't on the referees here.  It's just too hard in real-time to determine who's acting and who's actually getting hit.  The onus for fixing this falls on the commissioner and the league. 

My solution mirrors what ABC announcer Jeff Van Gundy suggested recently: correct the problem after the fact.  Any team should be able to send video of an alleged flop to the league office.  If the office determines it was in fact an acting job, then that player should be fined a certain dollar amount.  After X number of offenses, the player in question should be suspended for a game.

Believing that we can completely eliminate this problem would be naive, but fines and possible suspensions will make players think twice, and if nothing else should eliminate the most blatant and egregious cases.

I love the NBA more than anyone rationally should.  Let's make a difference and save the game before it's too late.

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