Let's unlock more land in SA's old goldfields for hobby detectorists.

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Dear Minister Speirs, Minister Basham and Mr Ryan,

South Australia has a growing number of hobby metal detector enthusiasts and fossickers. There are literally thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy our hobby.


There are two main problems that we are facing:

  1. The three allocated areas where we are permitted to detect gold in are quite limited and have been heavily detected over the past few decades, making it increasingly difficult to find gold and relics. 
  2. There are no creeks or rivers allocated for gold panning and fossicking.

As a result, many of us are having to drive interstate, where gold detecting and fossicking as a hobby are strongly supported. This is not only time consuming and costly for hobbyist's but in turn is taking revenue away from our state.

There are many old prospecting sites that are on public property and within easy reach of Adelaide but they are currently out of bounds for metal detecting, gold panning and fossicking. 

We would like more land unlocked in known, old gold prospecting sites in South Australia, to ensure our hobby can stay here in our amazing state.


  1. Jupiter Creek has fenced off areas that could be opened up.
  2. Mt Crawford could have larger areas opened up.
  3. Kuitpo Forrest could have a fossicking area for those living in Southern Adelaide.
  4. The Onkaparinga, Upper Torrens and South Parra Rivers could have designated gold panning areas that would not interfere with reservoir activities.
  5. The Barossa Valley Gold Fields could have an area opened up for these hobbies.

Detecting and fossicking are fun and healthy hobbies that get both young and old off the couch, out into nature and exploring South Australia's amazing bushland.

The metal detecting community pride itself on a code of ethics to look after our natural flora and fauna. We regularly clear bush sites of old iron, beer bottles, cans and other rubbish as we fossick.

Many of us volunteer and give back to the community in a vast range of ways. As well as this we regularly uncover historical relics that are often donated back to local communities or museums. We also volunteer our time to reunite people with lost valuables that would otherwise be gone for ever.


  1. The State can have an annual Fee similar to those interstate, which will generate revenue for South Australia.
  2. Communities and local businesses such as caravan parks, hotels, pubs, cafes and local shops would benefit from local and interstate tourism.
  3. Increased employment opportunities and growth for smaller towns and communities.


As a group, we do of course understand your concerns and the need for protecting waterways, native flora and fauna, soils, and important cultural and heritage sites. By working together with you and the related departments we feel we can make the above suggestions come to fruition in a responsible and environmentally sound way. 

Minister Speirs, Minister Basham and Mr Ryan, please consider opening up more areas as suggested above, so that our hobby can stay here in South Australia and thrive for generations to come.