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Tougher action on anti social behaviour

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England used to be a beautiful country you could get on with your daily life without a care in the world, you used to see people drinking and smoking now and then it wasn’t pleasant but it was liveable. But recently it has got out of hand. Our police forces are stretched with getting called out to drunken yobs falling over them self’s and causing anti social behaviour singing and shouting at the top of their lungs throwing beer cans and alcohol bottles in people’s gardens defecting on people’s walls and drinking all hours of the night not having any concerns for the hard working individuals what need to sleep and wake up for a hard day’s work the next morning. Tougher actions needs to be taken on anti social behaviour the amount of times the police have been called out for incidents like these are a farce when you speak to a community support officer all they say is all we can do is make a note of it and move them on but apart from that nothing else happens but it happen day after day after day , we pay our taxes we live in this country and we abide by its laws so why can’t the law we stand up for help us make this country great again if the laws on anti social behaviour where to be amended and made tighter I.e. if the persons are on benefits after 2-3 warnings their benefits would be sanctioned or even stopped or a ban from certain areas or even booze shops which are situated in close-nit community’s close early or if they want to stay open charge them more tax and with the added funds police the areas better these changes would benefit the community a great amount we have orderly people young kids mums and dads working class people retired people , people who fought for this country to make it great don’t they deserve some gratitude.

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