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The township has not exhausted other feasible options for placement of the well, and must do so before taking away valuable parkland used by many members of the community. Montclair has a water surplus and has not made the case that the well is needed.

Letter to
Green Acres Program David Smith, N.J. Department of Environmental Protection
Montclair Town Council Renee Baskerville
Montclair Town Council Robert Russo
and 5 others
Montclair Town Council Bill Hurlock
Montclair Town Council Robin Schlager
Montclair Town Council Richard McMahon
Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson
Montclair Town Council Sean Spiller
We urge you to deny Montclair's application for a water well on Green Acres land at Nishuane Park bordering Carey Woods. The water well and tower will destroy the natural beauty of a well-used park in a dense residential area.

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