To reverse Karls undeserved costume award.

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From day one Karl has been a disturbance in the senior boys corner of the dressing room. Once assigned his own shower in the opposite corner Karl came in, uninvited, taking up more than his fair share of space in a corner once designated to the elite of the show. Karl had been voted out of said corner however refused to leave and then bribed the costume mums. With promises of wealth beyond their wildest dreams the costume mums came together and decided to award Karl a costume award despite all the senior boys except him deserving it more. This award means nothing to him, a quote from his own mouth "It's written down I can do what I want with it" which lead to him throwing it in the bin.  This is beyond a joke and not only should it be revoked but patrol points should be taken away. END THE INJUSTICE NOW, YOU HAVE TO POWER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!