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Say YES to SHARED parenting in Georgia!

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My son's Constitutional, Civil and Human Rights have been violated. He is currently in a fight for custody of his 3-year-old child; after a divorce. During the marriage, my son was the sole provider & caregiver for the child (within the household). Evidence also proved this. A judge issued a temporary order on September 22, 2015 granting him joint legal custody and joint in all major decision making, five days one week visitation, the mother nine days. Then four days one week, the mother eleven days (this is after the ex-wife filed a bogus temporary protective order and included their 2-year-old son, in which another judge dismissed it when they went to court. My son went without seeing or hearing from their 2-year-old son from June 12, 2015 until September 23, 2015). He was granted to pay $600.00 child support and medical, dental, vision insurance and half days on holidays.

He went to court again on November 17, 2016 for final decree and new parenting plan. He was grant joint legal custody and joint in all major decision making, every other weekend visitation, from Friday 2pm- Monday 9am. Ordered to pay $858.07 child support for their 3-year-old son. Alternate years for holidays. No Father's Days. etc..

He has faced with a judge who displayed prejudice, unethical and unorthodox behavior. The judge assigned custody in exactly the reverse order of what is “best for child” due to sexist traditions, conflicts of interest, and financial incentives through child support collection and federal kickbacks.

My son has been treated as a criminal, but without a record.

My son is a great young man, father, son, and sibling. He has NEVER been into ANY trouble other than this. He went to court with hardcore evidence BUT the judge DID NOT want to see or hear some of the evidence and what he did see or hear he didn't act upon it accordingly.  The judge only took into account of what his ex-wife, her mother and the other attorney (his friend) stated. My son HAD and HAS proof of everything they accused him of BUT AGAIN, He has faced with a judge who displayed prejudice, unethical and unorthodox behavior.

We are trying to achieve the goal of presumed 50/50 shared parenting in the State of Georgia. This means that if a father (who has legitimated or legally married) and mother separate or divorce, they will both have equal rights to their child unless one parent is deemed unfit. The legal system now is set up with custody and all rights automatically going to the mother and the father is presumed to be unfit until he can go through a lengthy court process and prove himself fit. During that time he could go days, weeks, months, even years without seeing his child(ren). He is basically guilty until proven innocent. I think we can all agree that there are some cases in which this system works. But in a lot of cases, there are good fathers that are not retaining their rights to their child(ren) simply because they have to go through a process to prove they are fit when they have done nothing to show otherwise. I also know there are cases in which a mother is put in that situation as well but right now the majority is overwhelmingly fathers. So our ultimate goal is to make sure that as long as a child(ren) has two fit and loving parents that both parents are granted equal access and time to their child until it is shown that they are unfit. Thank you for your time. Please consider signing this petition to allow loving parents BOTH fathers and mothers equal rights.

Throughout this entire unjust battle, my son is current on child support and he  has NEVER argued about the amount of money he was told to pay. He just wants 50/50 shared parenting with their child!


Mrs. Honey Landers

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