ICANN: Do not allow Verisign to raise .com pricing!

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) recently announced that it would “permi[t] Verisign to pursue with ICANN an up to 7% increase in the prices for .com domain names”, but it does not of course, compel ICANN to agree to any such increases. Any such decision regarding .com pricing remains with ICANN.

Demand that ICANN REFUSE a potential price increase on .COM domains!
Verisign is entitled to a reasonable fee for running the registry on behalf of ICANN. Verisign currently charges $7.85 per .com domain name per year.  The cost to operate the registry, after taking into account the expensive infrastructure necessary to provide reliable and secure operations and high overhead, has been estimated at $1.00 to $3.50 per domain name per year.

If the proposed fee increases go into effect, by the end of the six-year agreement term, the fee for each .com domain name will increase to $10.29 per year, a 30% jump from current levels.  Even conservatively assuming that in six years’ time there are only 140 million .com domain name registrants instead of the current 138 million, that increase of $2.44 per year, per domain name, would result in $341,000,000 more revenue for Verisign per year. That money would come out of the pockets of .com registrants like you.

Higher fees for Verisign are not justified, as demonstrated by the following four key points:
1.  Verisign is a provider of technical registry services, it does not own the .com name space;
2.  Unlike Verisign's fees, the prices set by registrars and domain name investors are held in check by competition;
3.  Verisign is already well-paid for its services, as evidenced by its substantial profits; and
4.   ICANN need not approve fee hikes; on the contrary, ICANN ought to assert its right to set reasonable fee levels for its hired registry manager.
Make your voice heard and join us by signing the petition to REFUSE any attempted price increase by Verisign!

We, the millions of .com domain name registrants all over the world, stand to lose the most from a .com price increase, and we DEMAND THAT ICANN REFUSE ANY .COM PRICE INCREASE.

Visit CircleID and  www.StopThePriceIncreaseOf.com for more information!