Make McIntosh a BYOT school again!

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A new school year has begun for the students of McIntosh High School. During this year we received a new rules by the Fayette County Board Of Education. They have implemented some rules that are completely preposterous and unnecessary for the students of McIntosh. The board has changed our BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) district to a non BYOT district. They are planning to provide us with Chromebooks from the county. The Chromebooks will also be monitored and all things searched on the computer will be logged and sent to a database. The actions taken are completely irrational and oppositional to the students traditional beliefs. Even though the county isn’t required to consult us about the new rules it is careless and irresponsible of them to not contact us and tell us about the new rules especially if it was going to affect one of the largest aspects of the school. The county also hasn’t provided any information on how the information is being stored, how long it is being stored, and also if they’re selling our data to companies like google. It was irresponsible and thoughtless of the county to not give us a decision on the decision. This pointless situation halts our ability to truly understand freedom and gain trust from schools and teachers.

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