Please bring my autistic son -Tianze home

 My 19 year old son Tianze has autism, a learning disability and sometimes behavior issues.

We used to live happily in Fife, Scotland with him, but in May 2014 when Tianze was 16 years old ,he was moved to a hospital in Middlesbrough, England, over 200 miles away from home to have an assessment. It was only supposed to be for maximum 6 week assessment. However three years now  Tianze is still there and we still don’t have his discharge plan yet.  We have followed Tianze to  Middlesbrough by selling our house in Scotland. Tianze has developed self-harming behaviour in hospital. Tianze has developed bedsores in hospital ,Tianze has been subject to prone restraints regularly in hospital. Since May 2014, Tianze has been transferred from Scotland to Middlesbrough, from Middlesbrough to Prudhoe and from Prudhoe to Morpeth now. Tianze has lots of injuries marks during his three years  in-patient services which never happened at home. Tianze has lost weight in his two years hospital which suppose he should grow up .Tianze has been deteriorated in hospital.
My son misses home so much. he has written a song called "Back Home" that he sings everyday to me. He used to draw home picture a lots;He used to wake up in earlier morning at 4 AM to cross one day off from the calendar and counting the days back home daily.  

The Government promised people with autism would be given the best possible care in their communities. Instead Tianze has been severely let down by the institutions who are supposed to be helping us and he needs to be back with his family where he belongs.

Please sign and share to help my autistic son home! many thks!



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