Allow Tropical Sno and Other Portable Stores to Open This Summer

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Via Jim Hughes:

The Frozen Flamingo, Tropical Sno has been a "staple" in Searcy for several years now. While the City of Searcy struggles to get new businesses to come to our town, they have decided to put others "out of business".

Because of an apparent problem with another food truck (there's a question as to whether we're a "food truck" or a "portable bulding") earlier in the year, the city attorney has instructed the code enforcement office to not issue any permits for "food trucks" until a law covering such is written and acted upon by the city council.

This might happen in May if we're lucky, but of course we all know how slow government works. So in the meantime a business in good standing, that has all of the proper licenses, health permits, and tax permits, and has operated for several years during the summer months has been "put out of business".

I've met with the Mayor and the head of the Code Enforcement office and neither are willing to help out in the matter, other than having a meeting with the City Attorney. Maybe there will be a different outcome after that meeting.

At this point we're being told that we have to wait until this new ordinance covering "food trucks" takes affect, basically missing out on our busiest two months. Unfortunately we have money invested and we can't just sit and wait. Like most everyone else we have bills to pay.

Since this business has been allowed to operate for several years and Code Enforcement has had no problem with it in the past I did ask if we could not get some type of special permit or exemption for this year only since we seem to be "stuck" in a 3 or 4 month period of "transition", and was told there is no option for a "special permit".

A couple of things that don't make sense and kind of concerns us even further is the fact that while no food trucks will be allowed to set up in the city......this new "rule" DOES NOT affect food trucks setting up for events such as Beats and Eats & Get Down Downtown. While we're happy that these events are not affected, we do find it grossly unfair that out of town "food trucks" will be allowed to come to Searcy and operate while local tax paying citizens are being shut down.

This "new policy" does not affect other towns. Just Searcy.

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