Require Public Universities In WV to Allow Meal Plan Rollovers

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    Many of you reading this have been or are currently attending a public university. This means that in your freshman year, you were likely required to purchase a large meal plan, often for both fall and spring semester. I am a current Sophomore student at West Virginia University, and I would like to change the greedy practice used by many public universities of not allowing meal plan rollovers. During my freshman year, I had a very hefty appetite, and I chose a meal plan with 160 swipes (meals), along with 300 dollars that were good for a variety of university stores and restaurants outside of meal plan hours. Like most freshmen, I was unaware how many meals this actually was, and I was left with over 50 meals and over $100 "dining dollars" with less than two weeks to go.

    Often with long study hours and extra curricular activities, we as students miss meal plan hours, or even miss meals all together. Sometimes, believe it or not, we even like to eat at a restaurant that does not accept meal swipes. In this scenario, the logical person would think, "well, I paid in full for these meals, for every single meal (around $10 a meal at WVU), so they should be able to roll over into next semester, right?". Sadly, this is often not the case, especially not at WVU. I, along with many fellow students, are forced to either burn through all our swipes at an unachievable pace, or simply let our money be wasted. From this petition, I would like to be given (at the least) a logical explanation as to why this is a common practice among universities, but most of all I would love to see change in this area. I would especially like this change from universities that REQUIRE their students to purchase a meal plan during their freshman years. This being mandated would help new sophomores ease into their transitions from dorms and into the world of cooking, and would lessen the financial burden on families struggling to put their kids through school. Universities make enough money as it is, and continue to raise the cost of tuition. I simply want to petition our lawmakers to help our students out in a way that is not only logical, but the right thing to do. 

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