Provide Free Feminine Hygiene Products on Campus at the University of Maryland

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There are only a few life experiences that almost all females on campus at the University of Maryland share in common. One of these experiences in particular- menstruation- comes around every month and brings with it an unavoidable financial burden.

Tampons, pads, and other hygiene products are essential for all females on campus who are experiencing menstruation, yet they are still considered an extra luxury that we are required to pay for. Menstruation is a natural bodily process, thus access to these amenities should be considered a basic human right and be available to all females at no cost.

The goal of this initiative is to provide free feminine hygiene products in certain women’s and gender-neutral restrooms across the University of Maryland campus. With this in practice, we will be able to ease the financial strain associated with menstruation, which will particularly benefit low- income students for whom the cost of these necessary products quickly adds up.

The state of Maryland is only one out of the 14 states in the United States that does not have a state sales tax on feminine hygiene products. However, females on campus still face the financial burden every month of paying for the base cost of these products.

Currently, pads and tampons are available for purchase at the McKeldin Library’s service desk and the University of Maryland Health Center’s women’s health desk. The Department of Education requires that all universities provide students with free access to toilet paper in all bathrooms because it is considered a sanitary necessity. Menstruation as a bodily process can be equally comparable to urination, so why is it that feminine hygiene products essential to period sanitation are considered a luxury that must be paid for?

Women who are forced to menstruate without the necessary sanitary measures due to an inability to pay for them can experience serious health risks and complications. While we can survive without universal access to designer clothing or luxury transportation services, it is unjust and wrong to force us to live without access to products that are necessary for our health and hygiene.

Whether you are a female on campus who is directly affected by these costs or someone who believes in allowing this fundamental human right to become a reality, I urge you to join our campaign by signing this petition. With your support, we can strengthen our argument to Mr. David McBride, director of the University of Maryland Health Center, and prove to him that this is an issue that many people are extremely enthusiastic about.

Mr. McBride, we are going to consistently work towards creating a change and we will not stop until all females on campus have equal access to free feminine hygiene products to use during menstruation. I hope that you understand the logic and passion invested in our efforts, and I look forward to hearing back soon!

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