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Petitioning Chairperson, Taranaki Regional Council David Macleod and 11 others

David Macleod and TRC: Revoke resource consents allowing contaminated drilling wastes to be imported and spread on Taranaki land.

District and regional councils around the North Island are granting resource consents for oil exploration with the provision that contaminated wastes are transported out of their regions and dumped in Taranaki. This is unsafe and irresponsible; David Macleod, Chairman of Taranaki Regional Council must act to protect Taranaki land, water and people. Taranaki is a food producing region, not a toxic waste dump, let’s help to keep it this way.
Examples of what will be dumped can be found here in TAG Oils application to GRC.

This is a link to information about the drilling and fracking of Taranaki.. It is very well presented and easy to follow.

Campbell live report on the problem

Letter to
Chairperson, Taranaki Regional Council David Macleod
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Peter Horton
Councillor,Taranaki Regional Council Craig Williamson
and 9 others
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Brian Jeffares
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Neil Walker
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Michael Joyce
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Roger Maxwell
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Michael Davey
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Tom Cloke
Councillor, Taranaki Regional Council Moira Irving
Deputy Chairperson, Taranaki Regional Council David Lean
CEO Taranaki Regional Council Basil Chamberlain
STOP allowing contaminated drilling waste to be imported and dumped in Taranaki. Please limit resource consents to exclude any contaminated drilling waste from other regions. That other regions are consenting to their drilling waste being transported by truck over our country and then dumped in Taranaki is unsafe and unacceptable. Please stop this from happening.