Ensure Victorian Dairy Farmers a Fair Price for Their Milk

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Victorian dairy prices are currently at a four year low and this is due to Murray Gouldburn and Coles' $1/L milk deal and the $200,000,000 clawback. Because Murray Gouldburn is the biggest dairy co-op in Victoria all the other companies followed suit and lowered their prices therefore leaving the market in turmoil. Farmers are starting to recover now but the damage has been done and hundreds of farmers have lost their prized cattle and farms, children have lost their futures, families have lost their homes and Dairy Farmers have lost their lives. Something needs to be done in order to guarantee that this doesn’t happen again. I am proposing that a law be put in place ensuring a minimum price for milk. That minimum price should be set by the farmers and UDV. On top of this a veto should be put on imported dairy goods. I think that these changes will provide a stable future for Victorian Dairy Farmers and their families.