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Appeal and Rape Law Reform

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Sexual and Rape cases have become more common, so common that today you can’t help but be harassed by it in today’s media.

I think we all agree rape does happen, and justice should be fully served but unfortunately this has also opened doors for many false allegations WHICH IS MOCKING THE TRUE ALLEGATIONS OF RAPE AND SEXUAL CRIMES

Even the police we now know have been holding back or not disclosing evidence that aid in showing innocence and helping the ones making false claims (see R vs Liam Allen appeal December 2017).

The labs doing the forensics write false reports to get convictions (see randox labs Manchester and reports around May 2017 and also see Victor Nealon case).

Among that there are many false reports taking place some that are never discovered. Only some get over turned and discovered years later it’s. It just unfair on the women who really go through this but it ruins men’s lives

So why is this happening? Well unfortunately such sexual cases only need an accusation and this alone can ruin a mans life. People are led to believe other wise, but any one who’s done their research will know this. It literally is a joke, that such an accusation can destroy some one. 

We believe if a person is maintaining their innocence and under circumstances where they have only gone not guilty, or it’s proven that there is duress to go guilty then the convictions should be over turned and a presentation of a lie detector test given.

Hearsay or circumstancual evidence should not be allowed and the standard of proof need to be higher.

It is proven that juries do get it wrong, when this is suspected by the defendant with good reason, he has the right to Appeal. 

Lie detectors should be used.

Both men and women’s name’s should remain anonymous. 

Harsher sentences for women who are proven to lie, should be given.

The average payout for a rape is £11,000 compensation paid to the victim. All compensation should be stopped  by doing this, it would mean less false allegations would happen, which also means the jury will less likely believe false allegations happen, and therefore the real victims are more likely to get the justice they deserve. Justice is punishment, not a pay out and I’m sure the real victims appreciate this.

We are being bombarded, where people are winning their Appeals in such cases now.

Upto date studies show that through lying, false memories are generated, also studies and evidence shows that lie detectors are more accurate then a witness statement.

On the BBC One Show....

“Don Grubin told us that lie detectors, also known as polygraphs, are 80 to 90% accurate. He pointed out that eyewitness accounts are only 65 to 70% accurate, and they're admissable as evidence in UK courts”

Maybe it’s time the UK Courts use lie detectors, after all the British Army and Mi5, our secret service do and so do the Americans. Our courts are Victorian law and do not move forward, there needs to be reform. 



Distinguished Professor of Psycology and Social Behaviour And Professor of Law, Joint Appointment in Psychology and Social Behaviour and Criminology, Law and Society, Cognitive Sciences And school of Law

Her studies and knowledge are renowned for helping over turn such wrongful convictions. Just google her I’ve included a You Tube link that shows you exactly the power of what I’m trying to explain please go to.....

“AQ” being an example of this.

He has a recording that an ex partner lied to the police, and also made a False Rape Allegation. In turn the police told her to delete evidence that would help AQ, and the police aided in tampering with evidence and he was recalled to prison and jailed for 8months.

Through wrongful evidence being brought to the trial in his index offence he was found guilty. However the barristers weren’t interested in talking about what should’ve have been brought up!.....The complainants medical history and a history of accusing other men of False Rape! Also only hearsay and circumstantial eveidence was used and medical eveidence was discounted that favoured him.

Lets get Rape Justice Reformed, and the balance of equality back in play for both Innocent men and the real victims of Rape. As these False Accusations of Rape are stopping this from happening!!





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