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Prosecute Roger D. Parsons for Kicking A Puppy to Death

On January 19, Roger D. Parsons, of Flint Michigan, kicked his roommate's puppy 'like a soccer ball' after the puppy squatted to urinate on the floor. The puppy was taken to the veterinarian for treatment, but was euthanized after it became apparent it would be unable to survive its internal injuries. Parsons was arrested on April 5 and is now free on $250.00 bond. We are very distressed by how low the amount of bond was in this case and urge that Parsons receive the maximum penalty that can be meted out for this vicious, brutal crime against an innocent life.
It is imperative that animal abusers be given jail sentences and that crimes against animals are taken seriously by our justice system. There is a correlation between violence against animals and violence against humans. Any person who would do this to a puppy is clearly dangerous and a threat to society.

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  • David Leyton, Prosecutor, Genesee County, Michigan

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