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Clean it up or shut them down.

These apartment communities are an eye sore and a cesspool and breeding ground of drugs and gang activities, They have burnt down units with little or no progress in clean up. The residence live in fear and the most deplorable conditions with no water and sewage to date. They are being threatened and intimidated by gang members and local police have been ineffective in providing security for its inhabitants nor have they put a dent into eradicating a growing gang populus.

The management has proven ineffective and are a major part of the problem and have not cooperated towards a solution. Many who have complained to management have faced threats by local gang members inquiring as to the nature of their complaints.

We demand for a call to action and an ultimatum to all responsible parties, be they owners and management, city and state officials, local law enforement and the health department to either shut these apartments down or rebuild them to livable standards for the sake of the residence, particularlly for the children, woman and the elderly who live in this "community".

We are calling for all able citizens to utilize all of the resources available to them in order to voice there concern for the citizens of Memphis who face these conditions daily. In addition to this pettition we encorage all to contact city, local, state officials, local polce, the Mayor of Memphis, code enorcement and the health department to inspect the many vacant and abandoned units and prevent further breeding of pests. We are calling for an immediate clean up and we urge you to voice your concerns in order to place a sense of urgency on this as well as other issues in this city.

Here are some of the resources contacted to date that you re encouraged to contact as well.

The Shelby County Tax Accesors list the owners as:
David Levy of Investments Australia LLC
4142 N.28th st.
Holywood Fl. 33020
Ph: (954) 920-0027
Fx: (954) 920-0064

Lakeview Apt Leasing office
3649 Lake Park Dr.
Memphis, Tn. 38118
Ph: (901) 795-7622

Shelby County Health Dept
Environmental Health Services
814 Jefferson Ave. Memphis, TN 38105
Ph: (901) 222-9079

Mayor Citizens Service.
Code Enforcement
Ph: (901) 576-6500

Mt. Moriah Station Precinct
2602 Mt. Moriah
Ph: 901-636-4199
Fx: 901-795-6570

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  • David Levy of Investments Australia LLC
    Against The Lakeview Apartments aka Somerset Park in Memphis TN.

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