Stronger penalties for child predators in Canada

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Our children are our future- and right now in our Country our future is in jeopardy. In Canada the miminum mandatory sentence for sexual assault against a child under the age of 16 comes with a minimum sentence of 90 days- that is less than 3 months. The mandatory minimum sentence for growing 6 marijuana plants (now a legal plant, but 2 over the allowed limit) is 6 months. You will go to jail longer for growing a legal plant, than you will for sexually assaulting a child. The police need less evidence to arrest a potential drunk driver than they do to arrest a potential predator.


I'm going to let that sink in.


We will not stand for this. By signing this petition you stand with us in saying our children are the most important citizens of our country, they are our future, and we refuse to have the future tainted by monsters who only get a slap on the wrist.


Raise minimum mandatory sentences on all crimes against children. Give police more power to arrest these monsters BEFORE they destroy the lives of our future. It should only take the verbalization of wanting to hurt a child to warrant an arrest; one message of an inappropriate nature, one unwanted advance, one unwanted photo- because all it takes is one time to ruin a child for life.


These predators destroy children for life, and they are spending mere months in Protective Custody as their 'punishment'- that is not justice. We want justice.