Allow People with Food Allergies to Join the Armed Forces

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It has been the dream of many to be a part of protecting this great country by joining the armed forces. My name is Meghna and I have been dreaming of being in the United States Air force since I was in elementary school. I am now a sophomore in High School. As I got closer to entering college, I began researching qualifications and education requirements to make sure I was eligible as a pilot. I joined the varsity crew team for the sole purpose of becoming strong enough to join the Air force as a fighter pilot. I fit into all the requirements except one: I have a nut allergy. I can be around them with no problem, I just can't ingest them. I have never gone through Anaphylaxis yet I remain disqualified. My body expels the nuts before any reaction occurs. Allergies these days are so common, with all the GMOs and pesticides that end up in our food, why consider it a disability anymore? I want to be able to allow all the people out there who are like me with allergies to become soldiers if it is their dream, like it is mine. With your help, we can end this unreasonable limitation.