National Guard Dual-Status Technician insurance

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I would like to see the National Guard Technician Equality Act proposed again. This Personally affects my family as I am a dual-status technician, currently I pay almost $700 a month in medical insurance, my counterparts who are M-Day/traditional soldiers pay $200 a month for coverage, Active Guard Reserve soldiers have tri care insurance for free. Dual status technician soldiers are required to maintain their military status and meet every requirement that other soldier have to meet, yet dual status technicians are required to pay almost 4 times as much for health insurance. This is a problem that has been overlooked for years and needs to be addressed immediately. I personally have sacrificed enough for my country that I feel this is a just complaint. Dual Status Technicians should be allowed the same benefits as other soldiers, yet they are limited to purchasing Federal Employee Health Benefits due to their dual-status position, yet they are still required to train and deploy just like all other soldiers. This would also address the issue of soldiers losing their employment due to being discharged from the military. My proposal would be if a soldier completes 20 years of honorable service and retires from the military, they may retain their job as a title 5 technician until age 60 or when soldier decides to retire. My suggestion to the 20 years being waivered if a soldier is medically discharged prior to 20 years with a service connected injury or disability, at which point soldier should retain their current position as a title 5 employee if the injury or disability does not Negatively affect their job performance.