Eileen Guggenheim must be removed for harm she caused to Maria Farmer by Jeffrey Epstein!

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Petition requesting the removal of Eileen Guggenheim from the New York Academy of Art

To directly help Maria Farmer who was left destitute as a result of Eileen Guggenheim’s “assistance” in derailing her life; and who is battling brain cancer, please donate here instead of the change platform. To get up to the minute updates follow Kirby Sommers on Twitter.

To: The New York Academy of Art | David Kratz, President | Peter Drake, Provost

Dear Mr. Kratz and Mr. Drake,

This petition is to respectfully request you immediately remove Eileen Guggenheim as the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the New York Academy of Art.

While some of the details about how Guggenheim mistreated and abused one of your alumni, Maria Farmer, have been made public – others have not.

As has been reported by various news agencies, Guggenheim forced Farmer to sell her painting, known as ‘The Rape’ (one she had already sold to a German buyer for $12,000) to Jeffrey Epstein for half the price. This should have been a day of celebration for Maria, as it was her graduation art debut, instead it was the beginning of a hellish journey into Epstein’s twisted world.

Epstein is undoubtedly the most prolific child sex-abuser of all time, and yet, he was enabled by Ms. Guggenheim.

While her hollow denials to the media have been about the lack of recollection – her protests are in vain. No one believes Guggenheim.

Two weeks after Farmer met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the art show, Guggenheim insisted that Maria, with a couple of other students, accompany her to Epstein’s ‘Zorro’ ranch in New Mexico.

The details of that visit were chronicled in an article on Artnet and were corroborated by two of NYAA's alumni who were also there. I will add one of the details here" 

"During dinner, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell instructed their guests to close their eyes as they passed around a bag of unknown objects, and to reach inside and guess what they were. “One was what felt like pockets of jelly; it turned out to be falsies, like you put in your bra."

They then demanded the young women put them on. One of your students was so stunned by this that she quit the "art world" immediately.

Maria Farmer has suffered tremendously because of your school’s lack of proper screening and supervision. Do you recall Maria's statements about being sexually attacked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell while at Leslie and Abigail Wexner’s Ohio estate? Are you aware her life was threatened at the same time by one of Wexner’s guards? Are you aware that Maria now suffers from brain cancer? A serious health issue she is convinced began on that day in Ohio as she fought for her life?

If you do not know – then please be advised, this is the purpose of this DEMAND.

Furthermore, when Guggenheim was Dean of the graduate program, and while Maria Farmer was a student during the fall 1993 through the spring 1995, she took advantage of her in different ways. Here is a short list (happy to provide more upon request):

1.             She had Maria do a painting of her daughter and paid her only $3,000. This is a fraction of the $20/k Maria getting paid for her work at the time. The materials cost $1,500. It took her three months to complete the work. This means that in real dollars, Guggenheim paid her $500 per month.

2.             She used her as an unpaid babysitter to her child.

3.             She used her as an unpaid maid to clean her home.

4.             She used her as an unpaid maid to clean her sister’s apartments located on the Upper East Side and on Central Park South.

5.             She used her as an errand runner.

Not only did Ms. Guggenheim not pay Ms. Farmer for the demeaning tasks she had her perform, but she belittled her telling her she was a "nobody",

This is not what anyone who represents the New York Academy of Art should subjugate a graduate student to do. It is incomprehensible to any normal person. And, it has to be made crystal clear to you and the public – Ms. Guggenheim has endangered your students and needs to be removed from your Board.

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Stuart Pivar, who has a long history with the New York Academy of Art, upon hearing about Maria’s experience, severed his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Furthermore, Mr. Pivar believed Maria and was appalled. We too, are equally appalled because Ms. Guggenheim not only pushed Maria towards Epstein, but to other men. One example she has recently made public is that Guggenheim instructed her to move to Paris and become the "lover" of an artist.

This begs the question: what sort of school are you running?

We all believe Maria Farmer and, as they say, the world is watching. We ask you believe Maria, too.

Eileen Guggenheim must be removed from your school not just because of the atrocious manner in which she disregarded the health, well-being and personal safety of Maria Farmer, but also because of the huge liability she poses to your school.

The New York Academy of Art has a fiduciary responsibility to all students, past, present, future to keep them safe while in your care. Your reputation as a safe place for budding artists has been tarnished. You cannot sit idly and allow Eileen Guggenheim to remain on the Board or in any capacity. If you failed Maria Farmer in the past, we ask you not fail her now.

Yours truly,

The Supporters of the Children, Now Adults, who Survived Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell

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