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Daryl's House Club targeted by bureaucrats...Pawling Town Board is Appalling!

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We the petitioners say...

Daryl's House Club has been operational since October 31, 2014. 

*At the time of opening, Pawling Town Board provided approval and licence for the current numbers of patrons.

*It has recently come to our attention via Social and Printed Media that Pawling Town Board intends to alter the occupancy rate of patrons to 175, down from 318, of Daryl's House Club, hereinafter known as the Club. It is understood that the Town alleges numbers exceeding 175 are in breech of fire safety regulations.

*It has also been reported in the above media that there is insufficient parking for all patrons on-site at The Club. This too, only a recent issue despite the venue being operational over two years.

*To alter the occupancy rate so significantly will have a radical effect on many things. Firstly, club is well known for excellent musical entertainment. Without the guarantee of decent numbers of patrons, the quality may suffer and consequently it's a slippery slope. There will be jobs lost, less people coming to Pawling and the surrounding towns which means less spending in hotels, diners, restaurants, shops, galleries and so forth. Economically, the area will suffer. 


*That's a good question. Daryl Hall is in a legal dispute with the Pawling Town Board over these issues. Why target the Club now when things have been going well for over two years? Visitors to the club bring in lots of revenue for Pawling and the surrounding areas. 


*We the undersigned respectfully...

1. Recommend that the Town Planners look at the bigger picture and see all the positive influences the Club has bought to the Pawling area firstly.

2. Secondly, they note all the business opportunities that having the Club in the area has bought to the community.

3. Town Planners vote to leave the occupancy rate at 318 as it's been since opening day.

4.Town planners work with Mr Hall's architect or other such persons to solve the issue of patron parking.


5.We will continue to lobby the press, social media and Pawling Town Board until such time as this matter is resolved satisfactorily.

6.We, the fans, patrons, friends, bystanders, interested parties, will not stand idly by and watch bureaucracy at it's worse.


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