Put an end to the motorcycle theft epidemic in the West Midlands

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Motorcycle theft in the West Midlands is at epidemic levels. 

In 2016 1,700 motorcycles were reported stolen in the West Midlands making motorcycles 13 times more likely to be stolen than cars. 

In 2017 1,927 motorcycles were reported stolen in the West Midlands.  Despite a 78% increase in car theft in 2017, motorcycles were still 8 times more likely to be stolen than cars.

Stolen motorcycles are often used to enable further crime and antisocial behavior that has seen neighborhoods terrorized, a local MP, Steve McCabe, physically assaulted and more recently a 6 year old child hospitalized with a compound leg fracture.

Solving the bike theft epidemic will directly impact the anti-social riding epidemic.  It has been repeatedly demonstrated that these anti-social thugs use stolen bikes.

Victims of bike theft need more than a crime number, we need positive action that will deliver results.

We, the undersigned, understand the funding restrictions and multiple issues faced by West Midlands Police and recognize the efforts of the rank and file officers to help us. However, we ask that a higher priority is given to solving the bike theft epidemic and a meaningful effort made at senior levels to develop a coordinated and effective partnership approach that will deliver results.