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Stop Mandatory Vaccinations in Hawaii

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Stop "Legislative Capture" by Pfizer, Monsanto and Big Money.

In this case, stop multi-national corporations from bribing lawmakers, such as Senator Rosalyn Baker in Hawaii, the target of many complaints for conflicting interests in pushing mandatory vaccines after committing campaign financing fraud and accepting bribes from leading drug industry lobbyists. (See evidence and detailed investigation report HERE.)

This Corruption Must Stop!

People are getting sick and dying, especially children, from being poisoned by vaccines; under the false belief that vaccines are "safe and effective." That meme has been conjured-up and promoted by drug industrialists who bribe CDC and FDA officials (called "regulatory capture) and politicians (called "legislative capture") to pass mandatory vaccination legislation.

This petition opposes a classic example of a leading state senator, who was found violating campaign financing disclosure laws, and being bribed with excess campaign donations, to commit "VACCINECIDE". That is the mass-poisoning, sickening, and killing of innocent people who simply trust what their "captured" (brain-washed) medical doctors, health officials, and lawmakers demand.

Bribery is a Class B felony under Hawaii Revised Statute § 710-1040 (2011) This means that Senator Bakery and her lobbyists may go to jail for the damage they have done to good government and the public’s trust during the 2015-16 push to pass mandatory vaccination laws.

Recent Complaint Filed

This petition is sponsored by an ad hoc committee of concerned citizens, political observers, lawyers, and whistleblowers, including Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a public health and emerging diseases expert trained at Harvard. Dr. Horowitz has filed a sworn complaint with the State of Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission after an investigation found fraudulent reporting and excess campaign financing of Senator Rosalyn Baker confirmed by investigating lawyers and officials.

Determined violations by Chairwoman of the Senate Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee, Roz Baker, and her lobbyists representing Pfizer/Monsanto and Blackrock Inc.—the world’s largest money management company--evidence criminal complicity in pushing mandatory vaccination bills profiting the companies through fraud and crime.

Dr. Horowitz filed the complaint on behalf of many citizens and several citizens' groups, to have Senator Baker indicted on charges of misrepresenting her assets to conceal Blackrock Inc., a major institutional investor in Pfizer/Monsanto and Intrexon companies that produce genetically modified viruses, vaccines, and even mosquitoes engineered to fight dengue fever and Zika. 

The Senator reported owning at least a quarter million dollars of “iShares”--Blackrock’s stock –but neglected to identify the company as required by law.

Dr. Horowitz is not some fly-by-night, easily-discredited, "conspiracy theorist." The prolific author, filmmaker, and doctor has been fighting for We The People for many years. In 2008, Dr. Horowitz sidetracked Barack Obama’s first national campaign when the President’s pastor and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, credited Horowitz's book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? for evidencing a government-sponsored program of genocide targeting African-Americans, beginning with the 1972-74 hepatitis B vaccines produced in chimpanzees.

Hawaii’s two leading lobbyists, George A. Morris and John H Radcliffe were also named in Dr. Horowitz’s complaint, along with their firms Radcliffe and Associates, Capitol Consultants of Hawaii; and G.A. Morris. The men used the firms to funnel excess donations to Baker concealing the “aggregate” amount in violation of rules and laws.

Dr. Horowitz conferred with a team of lawyers, and confirmed the clear and convincing evidence of fraud and crime with officials who examined Senator Baker’s financial records. The attorneys agreed that these matters must now be referred to Attorney General Douglas Chin to investigate on behalf of law enforcement. the State of Hawaii Office of Elections, and Campaign Spending Commission.

“Fraud and crime voids contracts,” Dr. Horowitz said condemning mandatory vaccination legislation tainted by graft. “Health scientists are required to openly divulge their conflicting interests. Fair play requires lawmakers to do the same.”

Senator Baker’s committee passed two bills for further approval by the House. From there the legislation moves to Governor Ige’s office for his signature. Your signature on this petition can help stop this crime and prompt the Governor and AG Chin to investigate and prosecute the villains.

People are encouraged to petition Attorney General Douglas Chin independently, and Governor Ige too, to oppose political corruption and legislative complicity in the crimes of "VACCINECIDE."




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