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Help Holualoa Organics save its tiny homes

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Organic agriculture is becoming more and more important to the well being and health of the world every moment.  Organic practices have only recently been abandoned for "conventional farming" in the last 70 years.  The single most decisive factor in this transition has been the mechanization of planting and harvesting, as well as the use of chemicals to limit the need for human workforce.  The use of herbicides and pesticides have replaced the hands-on practices that agriculture has relied on for millennia.  The recent revival of organic agriculture has been closely related to a revival in people interested in sustainable farming.  Organic farms are now highly dependent on the workforce of on-site workers, work trade exchanges, and permaculture tenures that educate future farmers, while providing the necessary labor required.  All of these workforce needs hinge on the ability to house and care for the workers on-site.  The Hawaiian Tiny Houses Bill (HB2) put forth by Cindy Evans on the Big Island, was stopped at the governor level for many reasons including the fear it would not be used in conjunction with real agriculture.  A new bill with clearer parameters is absolutely going to be necessary to preserve organic agriculture on our islands.  Our farm, consisting of a handful of tiny homes (<500 sq. ft) which provide everything nesscessary to raise healthy children and our small community, is currently under attack.  26 people including 7 children all call Holualoa Organics 'Home'.  If a new bill with more details such as hours needed to homes allotted is not created, our children will no longer have green fields in which to frolic outside of their homes, nor access to fresh farmed food produced by the parents and friends that love them.  The current agricultural laws for farm dwellings and workforce housing are designed only to benefit large corporations and plantations.  None of which are using organic practices.  Help us make sure these agricultural advantages are extended to small family farms and organic farms throughout the Islands.  Please help us by advocating for the opportunity of using tiny houses in organic operations here on Hawaii and hopefully everywhere else they are needed.  Thank you for your support!

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