GG to sack the incumbent Victorian government

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The citizens of Victoria have in effect become political prisoners of the Victorian State Government due to its draconian lockdown measures and the declaration of a state of emergency which is unjustified in the context of the relevant facts and circumstances prevailing in Victoria vis-vis the "Covid-19 pandemic". The premier of Victoria is behaving in a secretive, illegal and unconstitutional manner. Either Scott Morrison (with the support of the AFP and/or) the ADF need to intervene and restore Victorians' human rights. Former Victorian premiers (eg. Jeff Kennett) are on public record expressing outrage that the Premier will not disclose to the Parliament or explain to Victorian voters the terms of a deal that he has struck to borrow money from China without parliamentary approval. He is acting as would a totalitarian dictator by closing down the parliament and it is time for the Prime Minister of Australia to intervene or, failing that, for the Governor General of Australia to intervene.