Oppose bombing Syria

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David Hanson MP for Delyn, has indicated that he is undecided on whether or not to vote for airstrikes against Syria. Mr Hanson voted for war on Iraq in 2003. Please sign & share the petition launched by concerned constituents: "We the undersigned are constituents and interested parties who urge you as MP for Delyn to oppose the UK Government's plan to carry out the bombing of Syria. We do not believe you have a mandate for voting for airstrikes and call on you to support the Leader of your party, Jeremy Corbyn in opposing the Conservative Government. Our reasons for opposing a bombing campaign are simple: As eyewitness reports from Raqqa have demonstrated, the victims of aerial bombardment are civilians and civilian infrastructure. We oppose the loss of innocent life. By joining airstrikes in Syria, the UK risks escalating the situation in the Middle East even further, making the situation worse there and increasing the threats we face at home. We should be working to de-escalate a potentially global conflict. There is no strategy to deal with IS/Daesh, who unlike civilians have the ability to avoid airstrikes and who could use civilian deaths as a recruiting tool. Escalating the conflict in the region will increase the level of racism towards Muslims in the west, as happened with Iraq and Afghanistan. We oppose the increase in Islamophobia that has been reported in Wales recently. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are arguably in part to blame for the rise of IS/Daesh, and more war will do nothing to stop that and could have the opposite effect. We were all horrified by the barbaric attacks in Paris, but we do not believe that war is the answer."

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