Remove Athens High School Study Hall Bathroom Policy

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UPDATE 9/9/15 (2): Principal David Hanning has posted an update on the school website regarding this issue, confirming that this policy is not in place.



UPDATE 9/5/15: We have been informed that Mr. Hanning will address this issue when students return to school on Tuesday. It seems this rule may not be in place for very long. Thank you to those who have signed and we look forward to hearing his statement.




Athens High School in The Plains, Ohio has adopted a new policy that grants students necessary access to the restroom only three times per nine weeks for their study hall period.

Just about all AHS students have reasonably deemed this policy unfit, seeing as how AHS also has a tardy policy which allows only three tardies before a student receives an after school detention. 

How are students expected to learn or study when they cannot access the second most important necessity to human life–– second to food and water.

Mr. David Hanning, please consider abolishing this policy that does not allow students to use the restroom during school hours. Two to three minutes between classes is not nearly enough time to travel from one end of the school to the other and also use the restroom for even less than a minute.

By signing this petition, we as the students, parents, staff, and community around Athens High School agree that this policy must be removed and students may not be restricted access to the restrooms.

Thank you.

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