Petition to rescind the approval of the NG Advantage LLC compressor station in Fenton, NY.

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We the undersigned citizens call upon your leadership to take the necessary actions to stop the NG Advantage LLC Compressor Station in Fenton NY, until such time that a public hearing is held to answer the public’s concerns. We then ask that the Town of Fenton hold a special referendum for approval by citizen’s vote.

We request this based on the following:

1. Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development recommended disapproval, citing that the project as submitted would have significant negative county-wide and inter-community impacts within General Municipal Law Section 239-1.
2. The issues addressed in the above report have not been adequately discusssed and were not provided to the public.
3. No traffic or safety study has been conducted and major concerns exist as the truck route is a main school bus route for Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks school districts.
4. There has been no environmental impact study and there are major health concerns for communities with such compressor stations.
5. We believe that NG Advantage is not being forthright with its estimate of 100 trucks a day. It plans to build 12 compressors each with a capacity of filling 50 trucks a day. Also no road user agreement has been made between the Town of Fenton and NG Advantage LLC.
6. The station is scheduled to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week impacting surrounding homes, parks, and schools. 
7. A major truck incident would require a half mile evacuation radius which would include the Chenango Valley elementary school and possibly the High School. The approval was granted without addressing the safety concerns for our children. 

Therefore, we the undersigned, realizing the risks and costs to our families, our property values, our safety, our drinking water, our clean air, our roads, and the potential costs and stresses to our towns that will be created by NG Advantage LLC, hereby state that it is our desire for our town leaders to immediately declare on our behalf that no gas compressor stations or new or additional high pressure gas pipelines of any kind shall be placed within the boundaries of our towns at this time.