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Why this petition, "Preserve Pleasant View"

As a neighborhood, we expect that the Preserve Pleasant View petition/open letter will educate ourselves and the friends of the Provo Pleasant View neighborhood including past residents and our Provo City friends in other neighborhoods and in City Hall, about the actions of David Hall and the NewVista Foundation in the Pleasant View neighborhood. As residential land owners in Provo City, it is represented that their land and the residential land around them will be used only for activities consistent with residential land uses through the legislative enactment of zoning ordinances, the establishment of a Provo City General Plan and the creation of the Provo Vision 2030 document. As a neighborhood, we recognize that change occurs as the needs for the State of Utah, Utah County, Provo City, and neighborhoods change. In this situation, David Hall and NewVista Foundation has stated, we think, their intent to purchase all homes in our residential (single family homes on 8,000 square feet minimum lots) neighborhood and then, by default, seek a zoning change to an industrial/commercial land use. Can we persuade David Hall to select a different parcel to pursue the dreams of the NewVista Foundation? We hope so. We also hope that our principled and reasoned actions will attract others to continue to speak with David about redirecting his efforts to suitable, nonresidential use properties in Provo City. When needs exist for neighborhoods, communities, Provo City, Utah County, or the State of Utah, and when supported by these organizations, then a change in land use seems the right thing to do. In this case, one man is outbidding the open market for a majority of properties in an area to pursue the dream that is solely his. Can any land owner with their own dream or any neighborhood with their own vision of the future or any city condone the unilateral actions of one man to shatter the dreams and visions of citizens? We hope not. We solicit the help of all friends of the Provo City Pleasant View Neighborhood. Preserve Pleasant View.

Pleasant View Friends
5 years ago