Re-pay Daniel his rightful $40 back.

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David Hahn has left this heart breaking $40 repayment until now, 3 months after the lending of $40 by war veteran, and local hero, Daniel. The money was given to buy food for Hahn and his friends, who were camping out in the woods, on a mountain known as, Mnt. Broke-back. The food was bought and eaten, with a promise to young Daniel, that one day he would recieve the money in return for Hahn's stomach to be full. Hahn, now known as 'Greg Smith' is now in hiding, after Daniel had asked for the owing of $40. Daniel has yet to recieve the money, and has been forced to make this petition to show mr. Hahn, just how much the money means to him. I hope you feel the pain of Daniel. Vote for human rights, freedom and David Hahn to grow to be a man!

p.s I am not a local hero, nor a war vet. But the rest is true.

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