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Maintain foot traffic only policy within Cheasty Greenspace

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Cheasty Greenspace is rich in biodiversity and represents a special landscape that is a rarity within the city of Seattle. The bike park proposal claims that Cheasty is "unused space." It is very much not unused! Cheasty Greenspace natural biodiversity has intrinsic value and can ultimately add economic value to Beacon Hills diverse community.
Cheasty Greenspace fosters an interior habitat, a rarity in an urban landscape, as stated in the Cheasty Vegetation Management Plan. A bike park within the space would cause biodiversity loss. Biodiversity is essential towards our communities health. Loss of biodiversity creates unhealthy environments. Loss of biodiversity means that certain species will dominate. These species will be rats, crows and mosquitos.
Species being threatened by bike park proposal include:
Wilsons Warbler
Here is the conservation status from the link attached:
"In Washington, the Breeding Bird Survey has reported a significant statewide population decline since 1980. Wilson's Warblers are hosts for parasitic Brown-headed Cowbirds, although rates are fairly low in most areas. Pesticides used in clear-cuts have been shown to have negative impacts on Wilson's Warblers. However, habitat degradation, especially in western riparian habitats, is probably the most significant threat to Wilson's Warblers, and is likely the cause of recent population declines in Washington and other western states."
Other bird species known to nest in Cheasty with similar status's are:
Barn Swallow:
Bewick's Wren:
Pileated Woodpecker has also been sited in the Cheasty Greenspace by me and stated in the Cheasty Greenspace Vegetation Management Plan.
If human activity increases within Cheasty Greenspace, it is likely that the wildlife will suffer. In the Urban Wildlife and Habitat Management Plan for the Seattle Parks and Recreation it states: "Environmental quality is one of the most important reasons people choose to live in Seattle. A diversity of wildlife and habitat network that supports it is important to the environmental quality and health of the City of Seattle. Seattle citizen's have repeatedly expressed the desire to have wildlife as an integral part of the city, despite the pressures of human population and development." Therefore, I want Seattle Parks and Recreation to maintain its policy of not allowing mountain bikes in Cheasty Greenspace, and I do not support measures, such as bike trails, paved parking lots and other facilities, that would significantly increase the amount of foot traffic. We support wildlife habitat protection!

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