Stop rapists from accessing children conceived through rape

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My name is Sammy Woodhouse. I was a victim of emotional and sexual abuse as a child, as part of the Rotherham abuse scandal. I decided to speak out to help expose what was happening to me and 1400 others children who were abused and failed.

After rebuilding my life, I was made to relive the trauma again last year when the courts said my abuser Hussain could seek visits with my son.

Just two years ago Hussain was found guilty of 23 child sex offences and is currently serving a 35 years prison. How could the courts not see he is a danger to me and my child? I can’t bear to think of him near our family.

That’s why I’m calling for a change in the law, a simple amendment to the Children’s Act 1989 that would ban any male with a child conceived by rape from applying for access/rights.

I’m not the only one this has happened to. Rape victims like me around the UK are having to share access of their children with the men that raped them. Some women are even having their children removed and custody given to the rapists. This is putting children and women at risk and is extremely distressing.

I’m  also asking for a full public investigation to make sure all mothers can come forward and share their experiences to make improvements.  Advice and support need to be made available to rape victims and professionals to make sure they’re working within the law. The MP Louise Haugh is backing this.

 I’ve wavered my anonymity to help others - please help by signing.