Remove the loophole in the law silencing victims of historic childhood sexual abuse

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After reporting historic sexual abuse recently I've become aware of a loophole in the law that means 14 and 15 year old victims of sexual abuse before 2004 had a 1 year time limit to report imposed on them. This time limit means that charges can't be brought against people who groomed and abused children over the age of 13 before the new law came in in 2004. 

This time limit is ridiculous, especially considering many victims would have been groomed and wouldn't realise the true extent of what happened to them until much later in life.

In my case they had enough evidence to prosecute.  A recording where he admitted to the abuse, doctors records and witnesses who supported my allegation but the police said that although the could prove what happened they could do nothing about what happened as I didn't report within a year. 

This has caused significant distress to myself and I'm sure to other victims who have been silenced and refused the justice they deserve because they didn't report in time. The only people this loophole seeks to protect are the perpetrators of historic sex offences against 14 and 15 year olds. This means that they are getting away with crimes and are still out there able to offend again. 

We must protect our children and show that this kind of abuse is not ok. 

Victims of this type of abuse should be free to have their story heard and have the potential to get the justice they deserve in a court of law. 

I ask you all to support my petition to have this restriction placed on victims like myself removed so they can seek the justice they need and make the world a safer place for our children today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I urge you to sign and help give a voice to the innocent victims who have been silenced.