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Please reduce the constantly changing retirement age in the UK.

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I am a 45 year old male married with the typical 2.4 children household.  Both our children are in university or college. (One in each) in my life my planned retirement goal posts have moved twice! ! It seems what ever I do to be ready for the time gets changed by what ever government currently is "serving"

Both myself and wife have health problems that along with age and self employed work are getting worse daily.  We were secondary school educated in the 80s which along wits parents told us what to do to look after our future and health.

We now see the likes of our own off spring training really hard educationally, going the extra mile, volunteering for free to gain experience in chosen trade.  Us as parents letting our 20+ year old live with us rent free as they are already doing 14 hour days between education and volunteering, so money can not realistically be earn't.

Every year we work, our medication goes up in strength as disability rules say hand and mouth works so fit to work.  (Not saying currently we cannot) we have friends 20 years our senior in crisis against the system saying they are scrounging.  What makes that worse is the amount of 18 to 25 year old who can not get a job due to lack of experience.  Its all down to the likes of us! Old but experienced! In our day the YTS took anyone for any trade.  Now unless the magic C grade your not worthy.  I as a well below C grade in all completed my years learning something I liked.  I qualified at 19 as an electrical engineer.  My children can not do this as rules against them.  We are forced to work until our health goes well beyond enjoying retirement and just existing and keeping the top end of care industry rich! I love electrics but would rather be a retired volunteer letting our youth lead our country. 

Bring retirement back to where it used to be or at very worst put a cap on it that cannot be changed so our children can have a stable goal to work for.  Our goal as map would have been fine.  The extra years will make us a drain on society one way or another.



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