Justice for the Awodiya Family: Ministry of Justice should stop infiltrating our case

Justice for the Awodiya Family: Ministry of Justice should stop infiltrating our case

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Dear World,

This is a CRY FOR HELP from a family that's been subjected to a catalogue of Racist Treatments, Oppression, Victimisation, Harassment, Defamation, Targeted Malice, Infiltration and repeated Breach of Human Rights by the Ministry of Justice UK and their cohorts; (Leeds City Council , NHS , Meanwood Health Centre, West Yorkshire Police.)

We have been blocked for more than 2 years from accessing the medical records of our kids. My second son was repeatedly and unlawfully medicated without parental knowledge and or consent with the acts carried about by Leeds City Council and NHS / Meanwood Health Centre employees and Doctors. Our kids' medical records have been heavily falsified and infiltrated by Social Services (employees of Leeds City Council) who falsified documentation to show that they have parental rights to access our children's medical records when it is in fact untrue. When we uncovered the evil actions of the Social Services and their cohorts, we swiftly removed our children from the U.K in 2015 and these authorities have since made our lives a living hell.

Here is an outline of what we have been dealing with for more than 2 years.Apologies for the length but this is to let you understand my family's on going struggle.

West Yorkshire Police

-  Franklin was falsely and deliberately labelled by West Yorkshire Police as being in possession of illegal firearm when he has never been in possession of a firearm and never committed a crime. This was done because I dared to challenge these organisations.

-  They have failed to provide access to my police record since 2015 till date

-   They have harassed me on four occasions and gained unlawful access into my property by falsely claiming I'd killed my kids and their mum.

-   They defamed by sharing false and character assassinating information with multi-agencies that I am in possession of illegal fire arm.

-    They breached statutory duty by failing to fully investigate the assault on our first son (21/04/15) at Alwoodley Primary by his teacher Mrs Wray.

-    Death threat from PC Oldroyd and PC Rothery to kill me should I continue with the litigation against the police.

-     PC 667 at Stainbeck Police Station in Leeds threatened and intimidated me on 08.04.17 by ensuring to have his hand on his taser whilst speaking to me when I visited the station to find out why the investigating officer failed to investigate the threat made to my life.  PC 667 further made death threat to me that I will find myself 6 feet deep if I don't back away from the case against West Yorkshire Police.

NHS Leeds

-     Our 2nd son's medical diagnosis report was forged by Dr Sheila Claire Puri who did not assess him but diagnosed him as mentally incapable. We have audio recording of my 15 mins chat with Dr Puri during which I made it clear that I couldn’t trust her judgment as my son’s medical appointment had been evidently infiltrated by Leeds City Council. I walked out with my son and all can be heard on tape.

-    They allowed the illegal and unlawful medication of our son without parental knowledge or consent

-   They failed to provide access to children’s medical records from 2015 till date, made through subject access request

-   They breached data protection by sharing confidential information without parental knowledge or consent

-    They breached statutory duty by failing to provide sufficient and continuous speech and language support for our sons on the home and clinic programme.


LEEDS CITY COUNCIL – (Alwoodley Primary School & Social Services

-   They emotionally abused our second son by subjecting him to a distressing environment at school, put his life in danger by failing to inform his parents that his life dependent medication (Epipen) had expired for more than 9 months. During this period, parents asked many times about his inhalers and epipen and were told these were in date. We have audio recording of when his teacher blatantly lied that medications were in date and absolutely fine.

-   They obtained public funding (Tax payers' money) which ran into thousands of pounds for our first son for speech and language therapy within the school but this was never implemented and in the period of 2013-2014, he was abandoned for more than a year as the school therapist was on maternity leave and no replacement had been sought, meanwhile the head teacher kept falsifying paper works in our sons' names and kept getting public funds that was never used for them.

-   Breached statutory duty by failing to support our sons' educational needs but yet proceeded to label our 2nd child a 5 year old at the time as being Mentally Unstable in collusion with Dr Puri who abused her position by forging medical notes which we have credible evidences of.

-   Allowed multi agencies such as CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)  to have repeated unlawful access to our sons without parental knowledge or consent. These were exposed via documents obtained via Subject Access Request and details of such contacts have been concealed from us since 2015 till date.

-   Breached data protection by sharing information provided in confidence to third parties complained about which in turn sabotaged and prevented our second son from accessing much needed support.

-   They falsified information shared among agencies that social worker (Jocelyn Murphy) had parental rights / responsibility for our children in order to illegally access medical records and input falsified documentations and reports. 

-  Colluded with NHS, Meanwood GP Surgery and WYP as well as other agencies to remove our parental rights, and they set up a bogus ICPC meeting and maliciously targeted the family.

-  (Jane Langley) made false referral to the council claiming our abode is not our primary home.

-   Leeds City Council maliciously labelled us a Tenancy Fraudsters with no credible evidences and Subject Access Request documents revealed that the council unlawfully accessed our bank accounts, credit card balance and in-depth address traces to see if we own properties across the UK. All of these were done with nothing said to us and shared across agencies to defame my family because we uncovered their evil plan and swiftly removed our kids from the UK before the get unlawfully snatched from us.

-   Emotionally distressed our son James by deliberately failing to investigate the assault on him by his teacher Mrs Wray who was then allowed to remain in the classroom with him. This was done in collusion with the police who deliberately abandoned the investigation to protect the teacher.


-    Failed to provide access to our children’s medical records appropriately requested through subject access request from 2015 till date.

-   Maliciously removed Franklin from their GP records without justifiable reasons. We believe it’s because Franklin’s exposed their unlawful actions.

-    Allowed LCC, NHS and others to access children’s medical records without parental consent while preventing the parents from gaining access.

-    Colluded with LCC, NHS to medicate our son, negative effects of the medications became apparent. We were given an anonymous tip off from a teacher at Alwoodley Primary and this prompted request for our children’s medical records which they have failed to provide ever since.

-    Deleted our son’s repeat prescriptions of blue and brown inhalers and epipen from their records in order to cover the catastrophic failings of Leeds City Council (Alwoodley Primary) who put our son in danger with an expired epipen, failing to put adequate checks in place to check expiry dates of medications. Should our son have required his epipen at any point in time within the 9 months of expiration, he would not have had access to this medication and it will mean death.

-   They also won’t let us see the medical records as a means of cover up for Dr Puri’s and other falsified medical records.


All of the defendants listed above colluded with each other by setting up a bogus ICPC meeting to remove our children into care in a bid to destroy our family structure and silence us completely. Documentary evidences some of which were obtained via Subject Access Request show their collusion and orchestrations on how to cover their tracks in the event of a lawsuit.

We have a circa 600 page Court Bundle of Evidences which is desperately being suppressed by the Justice System who are working and doing everything to cover up for the named defendants.

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We filed a lawsuit (claim C70YJ523) against the named agencies in January 2016 and filed a second lawsuit against 6 individuals (C44YM405) who work for the agencies named in the first lawsuit and we were self represented.



-    Subjected Franklin to various ill treatments including verbal racial abuse by the court staffs on 24/01/17 by calling both Franklin and Victoria ‘F**king Black B**tards’. This was repeatedly reported both verbally and also stated in Appellant Notice filed with the court but were completely disregarded.

-    They abruptly retracted the 3 day trial in December 2016 (claim C70YJ523) without explanation to me upon many request for this. Allowing the 3 day trial to proceed would mean disclosure of our children's medical records and my police record would happen and the court blocked this to offer protection to the defendants.

-    District Judge Faye Geddes failed to recuse herself upon the exposure of her extensive personal and work history with Leeds City Council, the first defendant.

-    Complaints made regarding the retraction of the trial in December were not dealt with by the court manager or responded to by District Judge Geddes who made the order. Two level complaints were subsequently filed with sealed copies as proof but these were disregarded by the court.

-   Failed to process many applications paid for inclusive of an application to amend particulars of claim due to new developments as well as transfer of the case to the High court which have jurisdiction to hear the case. The case was deliberately and unlawfully contained within the county court when the court knew it had no subject matter jurisdiction for matters like libel / slander (defamation) , forgery (which is a criminal matter). None of the matters / allegations that we tendered before the court were considered before they got struck out.

-    Failure of District Judge Shepherd in not providing the claimant a right to fair hearing, not assessing the details of the case in depth and why the claim arose and constantly preventing the claimant form expressing himself at the hearing of 24/01/17. Not a single evidence from the claimant’s bundle was considered by District Judge Shepherd. Neither the Judge nor the counsel had a copy of the claimant’s bundle and the claimant was not allowed to refer to any of his evidences in the 600 page bundle.

-    Leeds City Council had written to the court asking them to disregard the claimant’s extensive evidences, transcripts (from recorded voice notes), emails etc as they and other defendants don’t feel it’s necessary for the court to consider them and the court did just that. We have the letter.

-   Judge Shepherd heard the case against the individuals (C44YM405) who are employees of these organisations after failing to process Franklin’s application N244 requesting for permission to serve four of the defendants at their work place as he did not have details of their home addresses, these defendants made submissions to the court without being served the relevant legal documents by the claimant.

-   The court failed to respond to witness statements made, and application to vacate the hearing of 07/06/17 as the Claimant was unwell and provided medical note from a doctor.

-   Both cases within Leeds County Court were struck out with zero consideration of the claimant's evidences and facts. There is no rule in law to support such blatant unlawful action.

-   Requests for hearing transcripts have been repeatedly blocked by Leeds County Court who are evidently covering up for the named defendants and making sure we don’t get justice. We have once again put a request  to the court for the transcripts of both cases as this is crucial in Court of Appeal hearings along with evidences.




-    Claim was brough against the Ministry of Justice for the actions of the judicial office holders and court staffs of Leeds County Court and a lawsuit was filed against the in July 2017 at the Queens Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice.

-    Attempt by the court to sabotage the claim by abruptly transferring our claim against MOJ to central London county court on the grounds that the High Court could not hear matters of racial discrimination without giving the claimants the right to have the order set aside.

-   After proving the high court did have subject matter jurisdiction to hear matters of racial discrimination by identifying legal precedents, an order was made to transfer the case back to the high court.

-   The court intentionally misplaced filed applications on many occasions in order to further sabotage the claim.

-  I have been left frustrated and distressed by the actions of the court staffs that either misplace the court file, fail to process Master Yoxall’s order to transfer the case back to the high court and blatantly lie that the file is in another division of the court when it was not.

-  I have made countless travels from Leeds to London and had to travel back home on same day just to file court documents in person. Most documents filed via recorded or special delivery are deemed missing within days of the court signing for them. When we query the court’s actions, calls are abruptly terminated or the common ones, we are left waiting for up to 45 minutes and the call will end up dead.

-   The Ministry of Justice have been actively obstructing due court process and using court staffs to sabotage the claimants’ efforts and case.

-   I filed a Subject Access Request on the Ministry of Justice requesting crucial information relating to the on going lawsuit against them. MOJ’s lawyer forged my SAR and renamed it a Freedom of Information request with only one out the 6 requests. I brought this to the attention of the High Court and filed an Application N244 regarding perjury and contempt of court as MOJ have repeatedly falsified information in a bid to mislead the central London county court by deliberately making false representations. The High Court have been sitting on the application till date and failed to do anything even though I filed it in person on 23/10/17.

-   The Ministry of Justice’s lawyer has been repeatedly telling the court to issue a Civil Restraint Order intended to silence the claimants’ who are not legally represented. This is intended to completely silence us and cover the actions of the named organisations

This was the primary reason for making the video that went viral.



-   Dinah Rose QC failed to recuse herself after exposure that she has previously represented the Police, NHS and local authorities; this is another example of conflict of interest which has been experienced within the school right into the judicial system till date.

-    Both Justice Fraser and Dinah Rose QC failed to obtain vital transcript to the hearing of 24/01/17 in order to make an informed unbiased judgement.

-     The court prevented the Claimant from his right to have the refusal of his permission to appeal on both claims (C70YJ523 & C44YM405) to be orally reconsidered at an open court.

-    We filed thoroughly detailed 30+ page CLAIMANTS STATEMENT OF FACTS AND GROUNDS along with 155 page Court Bundle to the Administrative Court who repeatedly failed to give appropriate considerations to our documents even when the defendants in the Application for Judicial Review (Leeds Count Court and Ministry of Justice) have failed to make any submissions and both indicated they want to remain neutral. The court have repeatedly violated our right to fair trial contrary to Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the ECHR and have been acting oppressively and with utter impunity.



-   Permission to appeal for claim C44YM405 has been within the court since June 2017 with no directions from the court on how to proceed.

-    Permission to appeal for claim C740YJ523 has been filed recently with grounds to follow


Complaints made to: LEEDS EDUCATION AUTHORITY, GMC, PALS, JCIO, CCG, and ICO every single one was glossed over. JCIO actually said because of Judicial Immunity a judge can act as they want without being questioned and that includes acting unlawfully.



-   Franklin is unable to gain employment  and travel to certain countries due to the label of being in possession of illegal firearm on his police record. Previous job opportunities has failed to progress at the stage of the DBS. Preventing Franklin access to his police records beggar’s belief and raises questions as to the extent in which the police have made falsifications on his records. 

-    Continuous fear that our lives are in danger following the death threats from the police and a member of the public towards Franklin.

-    Family structure destroyed due to the unplanned removal of our children from the UK in 2015 in order to protect them from the atrocities and being unlawfully put into care. This is emotionally affecting both parents and children who have been separated from each other because of these organisations’ targeted malice towards the family.

-   This has forced the family into serious financial difficulty with thousands of pounds in monetary loss.

-   Sons deprived of adequate educational support because the parents dared to speak up on the failings of Alwoodley Primary and the targeted malice of Jane Langley the headteacher.

-   Illegally and unlawfully medication of our second son has had adverse effects on his health. The prevention of the parents from accessing the children’s records raises more questions.

-   The courts’ failures and the intent to prevent the Claimants from obtaining justice by positioning themselves in the cover up of these failings has left the Claimants with diminished trust in the judicial system.



-    That all involved are held accountable for their actions and Misfeasance in Public Office. The defendants colluded with the court to infiltrate the court process, deprive us of our right to fair trial in a bid to cover their catalogue of catastrophic failings. 

-    The Ministry of Justice to be held accountable for their cover ups and utter abuse of the justice system, oppressive attitude and blatant disregard for the fundamental Human Rights of the Awodiya Family.

-    The electronic police record and children’s records requested is provided to the Claimants

-    The Claimants are given their right to fair trial and an opportunity to present their case in the court of law

-    Our children can return home without harassment and being targeted and our right to continue living our lives as the unit we once were

-     The crimes of forgery and the assault on our son is investigated by the CPS

-     This to serve as a legal precedent for other helpless families who are subjected to similar catalogue of unlawful treatments by the named agencies.


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Many Thanks,

Franklin Awodiya